Dr. Amelia Hardwick
M.A., PSY.D.

Individual Psychotherapy Therapy For Adults
Individual Therapy helps adults increase their self-awareness, clarify their priorities and values discover their passions and what gives them purpose, resolve internal conflicts, release emotional blocks from the past, make important life decisions, and become more powerful and fulfilled in life. We all find ourselves at personal crossroads at times and our souls our trying to get our attention to live more authentically and in line with our divine purpose and essence. We are faced with the option of living the same, getting the same result or choosing something better. Dr. Amelia only works with adults who desire a healing path, who want to grow, make responsible life style changes, resolve psychological symptoms at the level of causation, transform internal blocks, heal their bodies, and powerfully create a life they love. She provides an integrated approach that draws from cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic, humanistic solution-oriented, brief, and experiential therapy forms. I incorporate The Inner Path™ Work, The Journey, Soul Memory Discovery and Total Biology, Quantum Biofeedback with these therapy methods to facilitate deeper, faster, long lasting results. Dr. Amelia provides education around possible nutritional imbalances, environmental toxicity, and other physical problems that may be contributing to symptoms and providing the appropriate referrals to qualified medical professionals to diagnosis and treatment. Therapy allows you to have a distinctive relationship in your life with someone who will give you skillful perceptions, therapeutic tools, strategic action plans, validation and support, a safe place to truly be yourself, and a person committed to helping you live authentically in all areas of your life.

Therapy For Adolescents
Dr. Amelia has extensive experience and success working with adolescents and their parents. She finds teenagers to be amazing individuals that are at a crucial stage in their life and has always felt passionate about working with them. The choices made during these years and their effects can have life long consequences. Never before have teenagers faced the barrage of difficulties and stress that our modern society today delivers them. Parents are often completely unaware of what their children experience and are exposed to on a daily basis because it is so different from when they were teenagers. Not to mention parents are forced to work harder, longer hours and do more than their parents. Dr. Amelia believes it is crucial to address problems with teens and facilitate healing so that they may blossom into their full potential, leaving behind the scars these tough years can sometimes bring. Therapy helps adolescents develop and strengthen their identity, clarify personal goals, resolve internal conflicts, develop pro-social skills to succeed in the real world, and learn to love and care about themselves and relationships while solidifying how they want to live their lives now and as adults in healthy, authentic ways. Therapy with adolescents can be a powerful opportunity to heal before they take their wounds forward into their adult lives. Dr. Amelia strongly recommends Inner Path Work with teens. They love it and problems resolve themselves quickly. Therapy with adolescents generally involves a combination of individual and family sessions. Often an adolescent's therapist is the ONLY adult an adolescent is seeking advice from, as their friends are their first and often their only desired source of guidance. Friendships are crucial at this stage, but with the complicated issues teens face without the opportunity of life experience, this unfortunately can be a bit like the blind leading the blind. Individual sessions allow adolescents to talk freely about personal concerns with an unbiased adult they can trust, who will listen and allow them to important issues and arrive at their own responsible choices. Family sessions provide ways to resolve conflicts, increase effective communication, respect, cooperation and accountability for all family members. The goal is to strengthen or restore closeness in the family. Parents may be asked to come in for their own individual session to help facilitate healing for all parties. In the treatment of adolescents it is vitally important that the teen has a voice in the choice of their therapist. In adolescent parenting classes Dr. Amelia has taught she covers this subject very directly. Many parents wonder why therapy isn’t working with their teens and they find themselves in an increasingly deteriorating situation. Three factors contribute to this, and two of these factors parents have direct control over. One, the current therapist they are using has little or no clinical training with teens and is just plain not suited to treat them because of their inability to connect and build rapport with teenagers. The second can be caused by the first, but is not always the case….the adolescent just doesn’t like, feel comfortable with or trust their current therapist. I can’t tell you how many times parents have gushed over how much THEY like their child’s therapist, and yet they are not getting results and their children flat out say they don’t like the therapist, but the parent continues to want to send their child to that clinician.

My response is very direct, “Great, you see them for your individual therapy, but find your child a new therapist.” It is important that parents like and feel comfortable with their child’s therapist, but they aren’t the focus of the treatment. Parents are just throwing their money out the window if their teenager doesn’t like their therapist or trust them because they either won’t talk in sessions or they certainly aren’t going to share the information they need to so they can help themselves and the therapist can help them. The third factor in facilitating healing for an adolescent is they have to want to heal and change. A therapist that works well with adolescents will do their best to engage the adolescent into caring about themselves, their relationships and their future, but ultimately it will be what the adolescent chooses for themselves and the parents job to provide every opportunity for them to thrive until they are adults.

Therapy For Children
Therapy helps children increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, connect their feelings to their behaviors, elevate their respectful and responsible cooperation, and learn pro-social skills to manage their emotions and behavior in positive ways. Working with children generally involves individual sessions for the children and parents, combined with family sessions. Individual and/or sibling sessions with children utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques including Inner Path Work, play therapy, art therapy, role playing, talking, teaching therapeutic stories, imagery, and other creative and magical ways to connect with and empower young people. Family sessions establish family values and rules, build respect and cooperation, teach ways to communicate effectively and solve problems, and strengthen or restore closeness in the family. Inner Path Work is so effective with children that individual therapy is not needed for very many sessions depending upon the child’s and families needs.

Couples Therapy
Dr. Amelia jokes that she generally avoids couples therapy, as she feels more like a referee than a therapist. Unfortunately many couples wait until their relationship is almost unbearable and their emotional energy is drained to decide to enter therapy, and then more work needs to be done with fewer emotional resources available. Individual work, particularly Inner Path™ Work can help lessen longstanding resentments and hurts that have been left unhealed in the relationship to help facilitate a more open and forgiving therapeutic experience and shortening time needed in therapy. Most of the issues being triggered within a relationship generally do not have anything to do with our partner. Our partner has just managed to ignite a wound that occurred long ago, although it appears that they are the cause of our pain, frustration, dissatisfaction, and general unhappiness. When those core issues are healed in the individual, the major problems in the relationship often fall away naturally. The joint sessions are then very productive, effective and much more simplified.

Relationships allow us to experience the most wonderful blessings life has to offer, and they also test us and require us to grow as individuals, which at times can be very painful. The personal growth that can be achieved with in the context of an intimate relationship is phenomenal. Our loved ones are our greatest teachers if we are willing. Dr. Amelia advocates an agreement for a couple to enter a Spiritual Partnership in which they inspire each other to evolve and grow as human beings with in their relationship to share in all of life’s joys and blessings together. Couples therapy is designed to promote or restore trust, develop accurate communication and understanding, remove harmful projections, create individualized problem-solving strategies, increase relational satisfaction, and inspire openness and intimacy. Intimate relationships are not easy. Understanding each other or at least validating individual perspectives and learning more effective communication, skills and forming healthy agreements and designing a spiritual agreement or vision are essential for relational vitality. Ideally, couples will decide to come in early to assess their relational styles and strengthen strategies for a dynamic relationship.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy helps families develop greater respect, togetherness, cooperation, and harmony. We help families identify their communication styles, discover what’s at the source of reoccurring conflicts, explore ways to really acknowledge and understand one another, and develop effective systems for solving problems. Creating a family vision and living that as a family lifestyle is vitally important to strengthen relationship bonds, create personalized rituals that will be remembered for a lifetime, and make Family a source of love, joy, laughter, support, comfort and pride. Similar though to Couples therapy really change cannot occur without individual work.

Co-Parenting Therapy For Divorced Parents
For divorced parents with children, Co-Parenting sessions can help to rapidly develop workable strategies to minimize parental conflicts and help you and your children adjust to living in two homes. This can be done before or after physical separation, as well as when new issues come up in the future. The number one factor in how well children adjust after their parents divorce is the level of parental conflict, hostility and tensions. Children commonly complain about “being stuck in the middle, wishing their parents would get along better.” Many parents may not even be aware of the things they are doing that can have long lasting effect on their children because they themselves are undergoing such a tumultuous time. Getting a neutral third party to help facilitate this extremely painful process can mean the difference in your child flourishing or developing future problems. This goes for the parents as well!